Sunday, 8 July 2012


A great way of making laces and medallions is Tatting. I discovered Tatting during my first pregnancy. Having lots of medical issues during that time, I was advised bedrest and honestly, it drove me mad. I also discovered Crochet, but more of that later. One of my cousins, who lived in the same city (Bhopal), used to visit me and to help me pass the time she taught me Tatting. I do remember her mother, (my father's sister) working on those small medallions when I was a child visiting her during the holidays. I never knew the names of the crafts that she and my cousins used to work on but I do remember them always being busy. When not working on household chores, they would be creating something or the other. I remember thinking them to be sooooo talented. When I was growing up, academics took over our lives. I lost touch with these cousins, as they had all married and moved away. But getting back in touch brought back memories and also an interest in these crafts. I still have the lace and medallions that I had first tatted.

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