Sunday, 19 August 2012

Engraved painting

This was my first painting as such when I was doing my MBBS. I so loved doing this. It was very simple. The painting was done on a aluminium sheet nailed onto a wooden board. The engraver was kind of like a nail bored into a wooden block. I didnt have the actual engraver so i asked my local carpenter to just take hairbrush handle-like piece of wood and pound a nail into one end He then cut of the head of the nail and flattened the tip by hammers. The tip of the nail was flattened to give a tip of about a few mm breadth. Viola my engraver tool was ready It was very easy to do. After tracing out the design on to the sheet( I used carbon sheets), the outlines were engraved in zigzag lines . The background was painted black with black oil paint and the clothes of the figures were painted with glass colours. The only mistake I did was to leave the painting as is. Over the years moving and cleaning the painting has left som scratches on the surface. My advice to anyone trying any painting would be to protect your work adequately. They do become precious to you as the years go by.

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